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riverwoodinswaziland > Spirit Vessel > Chapter 918: Seven-colored Spring
The pond has dried up for who knows how many years? How could there be a fish in there?

Feng Feiyun wanted to scold the fruit for shouting and alerting the enemies. However, once he got there, he actually saw a silver fish hiding beneath a shimmering boulder.

It was only an inch long and had two heads. The scales were tiny yet exquisite - the same for its tail.

“This isn’t a fish, it’s a silver crescent water.” Feiyun used his heavenly gaze to see through the fish, becoming startled in the process.

This pond must have been filled with silver crescent water once. However, only a tiny bit of the water was left. If it were several decades later, nothing would be left.

The fish seemed to be able to hear him and tried to go below the sands.

“Uncle, it’s alive!” The fruit also entered the sands and came out with the fish a while later.

Feiyun took out a jade box and stored the fish inside. The fish suddenly turned into two drops of water afterward.

He put it away and said: “This is one of the seven-colored springs. They are capable of gestating saint-level alchemy ingredients but have been lost since antiquity. Who would have thought there would be two drops here?”

“Oh, I see, they’re extremely useful for Nirvana cultivators.” The fruit said.

Feiyun’s expression changed since he hadn't heard of this before. He hurriedly asked: “How do you know this?”

“I don’t know, I think I just know, or am I just guessing?” The fruit became confused.

A black line appeared on Feiyun’s forehead out of frustration.

“If you consider your body a sacred tree and use that water for gestation, it’ll be very helpful during the next rebirth. Remember, seven-colored springs represent life force.” It suddenly said.

“Who told you this?” Feiyun thought that this made sense.

“I don’t know, what a weird feeling…” The fruit became muddle-headed once more.

Feiyun frowned again and didn’t want to experiment just yet.

“Since there’s silver crescent water here, there might be more types in the other ponds, let’s hurry.” He felt someone coming over and wanted to run to the next pond.

“He’s over here!” A female genius spotted his shadow.

The girl had a delicate and tall figure with sapphire blue hair, wearing a layered white dress. A talisman with a blue glow was attached to her arm, allowing her to move quickly like a phantom.

She made it to the dried pond and didn’t see Feiyun.

“Oh? Where did he go?” Her gorgeous and shimmering eyes scouted the area but couldn’t see any sign of him.

“Looking for me?” His voice came from behind.

She immediately turned around and unleashed a palm strike, only to hit the air.

Suddenly, an aura appeared behind her and caught her off guard, putting her into the dried pond.

“You…” Her fair complexion became covered in mud and sand. Her long hair became disorderly and her nose was aching.

“You want to kill me too?” He posed with his spear and coldly uttered

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