Logicalheart765 She was mated to The Alpha King
This is a story how a King Wolf-were and he is trying to find his mate, but will he find her through this war that is going on? Will he have to wait until the war is over? Find out in “She was mated to The Alpha King.”
theonionjunktion Immortal Ascension Tower
“One thousand years ago, I died as the rebel Xu Ling!”“One thousand years later, I am reborn as Cheng Hao! I am the Heir of the Mountain, sworn enemy of Xu, bane of Tian 's Nine Heavens!”“I am Cheng Hao!”“And I! Will! Kill! Tian!” With comrades both old and new standing by his side and chosen as the inheritor of a mysterious legacy, the reborn Xu Ling, Cheng Hao...